Telstra Announces Unlimited 4G Plans

Unlimited Data Telstra

Phone providers are finally starting to hear Australian’s shouting “WE WANT UNLIMITED DATA”. Australians pay more for mobile data than any other country in the world. It has been like this for far too long.

Unlimited Data Telstra

Allot of the phone providers are now offering unlimited 4G plans and saying they have delivered what customers want. However, is that really the case? It seems all these plans are great at first glance but it is almost the same thing still… Telstra’s new plans as an example give you 40Gb per month with no speed restrictions. When you hit the 40Gb per month limit, the connection speed will drop to 1.5Mbps per second…….


So there is still only a maximum amount of data you would physically be allowed to download at that rate over a month. That would apply to anything really, as even the fastest unlimited data connections would have some type of limit, however what has really stirred people up is that 1.5Mbps is almost unusable. In fact, you would get so fed up even trying to send an email you would not bother. This is not a physical limitation, this is a limitation put in place by the provider. 8Mbps or even 10Mbps would be usable in this day and age. The 1.5Mbps on offer….  It would be quicker to air mail your files on a usb stick.

What do you think? Typical marketing illusion or an actual first step forward to what we really want… UNLIMITED DATA.

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