If your website is not using HTTPS, Google will warn visitors it is not secure from July 2018. Is your website ready?

how googles SSL update will effect you july 2018
how googles SSL update will effect you july 2018

Google has announced that all websites not enforcing HTTPS will show a warning to visitors declaring the website is unsafe. Google has given a deadline of July 2018 for all websites to be updated to HTTPS.

Google has been giving warning for quite some time now leading up to this deadline of July 2018, ready or not, the update will be released. HTTPS is not only a ranking factor now, it will also make you lose visitors and potential clients by showing a warning declaring “Website not secure”.

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Yes, that’s right! We will not only give you a FREE SSL Certificate for the life of your hosting but we will also do the hard yards and convert your website to enforce HTTPS properly. So what’s the catch? There isn’t one really, there are some conditions though: you either need to be a current client with an active web hosting plan with Strategy Lions or sign up as a new client and pay for 12 months web hosting upfront.

What is HTTPS?

https is a communication protocol used between a website or service and a user. In simple terms, it encrypts a connection between you and the website you are visiting, This will reduce the possibility of a man in the middle attack. Wondering what that is too? A man in the middle attack is someone intercepting communications between you and the site you are visiting. This is a very common problem and with credit card and identity theft at an all time high, its important for you to ensure your visitors are protected and you as a visitor are educated on risks of using websites that are not enforcing https.

what is https

How can I tell if a website is HTTPS enabled?

The Quick Answer, Look At Your Address Bar. A https enabled and properly configured website will have a website address that starts with https:// accompanied by a padlock which is typically found on the left hand side. A valid 3rd party signed SSL certificate is needed to be valid with visitors web browsers. Some websites, like ours, have an extra layer of trust by having what is called an EV SSL Certificate. It is not only a signed certificate for the domain name but it’s also confirming the company is legitimate. You can see below the green bar, padlock and our company name in the address bar:

EV ssl example

In the above example, most websites with standard SSL certificates will have number 1 and number 3. Other websites like ours that use a higher level of certificate will use all 3.

https enabled

Do I have to change my website to HTTPS?

Everything is optional, however as google chrome and google search engine own the majority of the market for users of web browsing, we would strongly recommend you do implement it. Any website not enforcing https correctly with a valid SSL certificate and or anyone with all requests to load their website not using https at all or correctly, will be losing majority of their current and future traffic. From a visitors perspective, imagine landing on a website and there is a warning saying “This website is not secure”. It’s enough for majority of users to get out of your website and back to safety “just in case”.

Google is also rewarding websites that do use https or convert over to enforcing https. It is now officially a ranking factor for all websites. Everyone loves browny points from google for a little extra boost up the rankings.

do i have to convert to ssl

To conclude

This is something you must do if you take your website seriously. If you are a business, its even more important as it will cost you sales and or leads. As time goes on google will no doubt push harder again and I am sure at some stage make websites not using https disappear from their search results. Google has said https is the standard and excuses not to be using it are running out. If you know what you are doing, best get to it. If you don’t, we are able to solve this issue for you for FREE. Want to know more? See the offer further up the page.

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