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If you are a startup in a niche market or even a well established business in a competitive market,

SEO is the tool you need to engage with your customers and be ahead of the game.

If you are a startup in a niche market or even a well established business in a competitive market, SEO is the tool you need to engage with your customers and be ahead of the game.

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what is seo

SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) has evolved to dominate the online digital advertising market. Consumers are now confident in the search results from engines such as Google, Bing & Yahoo to guide them to web pages that are relevant and authoritative.

Websites that haven’t undertaken an SEO strategy may be losing both traffic and sales to a competitor who is, and with more businesses getting optimised, SEO is the key you need to dominate the search rankings. SEO has been a core element of digital marketing for many years as algorithms have evolved and as these processes change, optimising websites so that search engines and users can access it is a huge competitive advantage.

Search Engine Optimisation is not a short term strategy. While it would be great to see results at a click of the fingers and customers lining up at the checkout, it simply cannot work that quickly. SEO is best seen as a long term planned approach which will add ongoing value to your business and website.

How does SEO benefit my business?

Understand what your customers want

Our experienced Google Adwords team are able to gain access to valuable data that can help you understand what customers are searching for. This information can then be applied to your evolving online digital strategy.

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brand credibility

Gain more credibility for your brand

Ever gone to page 2 on the Google search listing? We didn’t think so. The lower you are in search rankings the less credibility you have to potential customers. A good SEO campaign will increase your trustworthiness and help your brand get to the top of the page. How does that happen? It will rank the relevant keywords that can be used in the SEO strategy.

It’s cost effective

Not only is SEO cost effective, it’s adaptable for any type of business marketing. Many online forms of advertising require an expensive investment to stay visible such as pay per click. SEO can help your customers find your easier, faster and with fewer costs.

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stay ahead of serps

Stay ahead of the game

Chances are, your competitors are already using Search Engine Optimisation to get ahead of you. With more entering the digital marketing scene each day, it’s never been more important to have a good quality SEO strategy with a team who understand your needs.

You’ll be working with an experienced and Google Certified team

Our team at Strategy Lions have years of experience working with clients all over Australia, New Zealand and the UK. Because of our varied experience, we know what search engines want and can help you use this to your advantage. Each campaign should be unique to the company it speaks for, which is why we take a personal approach to your business by sitting down with you to understand your business, your needs and your goals.

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our team of seo experts

Our team:

  • Report to you on your SEO performance
  • Understand your campaign
  • Get to know how you can evolve with your customer
  • Report on your wins and losses and how you can grow


  • Give you invaluable insights to help your future plans
  • Are experts at SEO processes
  • Are data driven so you know you’re in the right hands


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