SEO Company Australia

If you are looking to engage someone to do your SEO, bare with me as what I have to say is important and will make sense by the end of it.

A Few words from our CTO:

We are the industry leading SEO Company in Australia.

Big claim right? Well it is true! Hang in there and let me explain why.

I have personally been doing website design, development, adwords management, analytics and search engine optimisation for over 10 years. I have rode the raging bull of algorithm updates and always managed to stay on up there by doing the right thing, while many others dropped down or fell off entirely.

I LOVE running a SEO Company.

I love the SEO industry, accomplishing the impossible even in the face of the non-believers and doubters. Setting out with a goal and working hard without seeing any results for quite sometime, to finally seeing all that hard work pay off. The wholly grail top of the first page for extremely competitive markets, visitors coming in and converting to the end goals set. Best of all, one happy client that sings your name to anyone they can.

I HATE running a SEO Company.

Sayyyyy what? Yes I said it. I also HATE running an SEO Company. It has changed so much over the years. The words “SEO Agency” or “SEO Expert” leaves a dirty dirty taste in some peoples mouths and most will give a face like they were just forced to bite down on a lemon.

The industry is saturated with yahoo’s (excuse the pun). In the past 2 years, only twice have I ever had a client come to me who are already with another “SEO Expert” or “SEO Agency” and I did not feel like saying “You are being ripped off”.

On those two occasions the SEO was done well for the client, I rang them back and praised whoever was managing their SEO. FINALLY! There are still some others out there who deliver value for money and actually get RESULTS the RIGHT WAY!

The clients were quite taken back by what I had said to them. I mean who gives their competitors a glowing review and basically shuts the door on a sale? I do…. But why would I? Bare with me, I am getting there. Let me explain more:

I would say majority of SEO Agencies and SEO Freelancers these days:

  • Do not have a clue about what they are doing and do more damage than good.
  • Read a few blogs on moz and now consider themselves a SEO GURU.
  • Deliberately target low or non existent key-phrases so it looks good on a graph and report when they send their monthly invoice.
  • Use black hat techniques which normally involves automation.
  • Hand balling to a freelancer or SEO outsource company.
  • Ignoring backlink building or incorrectly building links.
  • Ignoring on-page SEO or doing it incorrectly.
  • Have too many clients and not enough SEO staff on their teams to deliver the promised & required work input.
  • Literally doing nothing…

I would keep going, however you get the idea. What I am basically getting at is within Australia, the game has more yahoo’s than good white-hat, hardworking SEO agencies and freelancers. It makes my job that much harder. When a client comes to me, their trust is broken. They are like a wounded soldier in a 3rd or 4th divorce in war like marriages.

You try explaining to someone who has been screwed over multiple times that you wont hurt them… It takes time and allot of energy to get them to realize you are genuine and what you promise, you will always keep to it.

That is why I also hate the industry. I hate seeing clients get screwed and I hate seeing an industry I love being ruined by people looking for quick cash. Churn and burn.

Allot of agencies fall back on the lines of “You wont see results for 6 – 12 months at least”… Knowing full damn well they wont get you the results but it will take you a good 6 – 12 months of paying them allot of money until you finally realize they are no good. You will dump them and there are 100 other new clients in line to take your spot.

SEO is like a good cake!

I like to think of SEO as a good cake, miss some of that recipe and it might still look good, but it will taste like garbage once you really cut it up.

There are so many parts to a good SEO strategy and one that will last the tests of time and the almighty google war hammer. Every part of the recipe is vital for the best results.

I like to approach SEO for a new company like this:

  • Do a full onpage and offpage Audit of the clients website
    • Remove bad back links if any as quickly as possible.
  • Get ALL on page SEO up to scratch, such as:
    • Re-writing content if needed.
    • Title Tags.
    • Meta Descriptions.
    • Alt tags.
    • Structured markup.
    • Navigation changes / re-structure if needed.
    • 301 Redirects.
    • Convert to https & enforce it.
    • Speed optimizations such as:
      • Compress images.
      • Enable http/2.
      • Convert to php 7.1+ if possible and using php.
      • Customised advanced htaccess files.
      • Utilizing server, client side compression and cache.
      • Minimising html, js and css code.
      • Defer JS and moving it to the footer.
      • Combining CSS and JS into one file to reduce requests.
      • CDN deployment IF required.
    • User engagement design and content changes.
  • Based on clients end goals develop a plan based on:
    • Current competitor analysis.
    • Targeted key-phrases and the relating expected traffic and competition.
    • New page creation and content to suit making sure it stays ENGAGING and relative.
    • Off-page industry related link building through great content creation and clever research to naturally bring in links.
    • Natural mix of follow, nofollow and anchor text links to primary domain and sub pages within the primary domain.
    • Social media footprints to help find transaction with relative referral traffic and backlinks.
    • Continue and repeat the above steps while maintaining the previously repaired onpage SEO.

There is allot more to it, however that is normally where we like to start with clients. Allot of “experts” say on-page SEO does not matter. Well, it does. OK Sure, some websites rank high and have terrible on-page SEO. but Why rank just high when you can rank the highest.. Why leave it to chance? If everything is in place and following googles webmaster guidelines and recommendations then you wont disappear in the next algorithm update. Do it right the first time! It is allot harder to come back when it all goes wrong, which it eventually will.

Ranking high does not matter if you do not convert!

The final stages… After months of hard work and effort the traffic is coming in…. BUT what is the point if your website is not converting!? This is where having our web design and user engagement specialists onboard help you hit your real end goal: Making money! Unless of course your end goal is not making money. For most, it is.

There are so many websites that might rank well and or get allot of traffic but they just do not convert. I also take many clients on that have this problem. When we first get our hands on the site, we typically see conversion rates from 0.5% to 6% or 7% depending on the industry. A re-design is not always required, sometimes we can use what is already there and just make improvements like: rewriting content, structuring your website correctly with calls to action or moving them to be more prominent and in the right places, creating urgency or need for a product or service, improving the usability of a website. This is Another ball game altogether from SEO, however we typically see improvements from 25% all the way to 70% conversion rates!

ALL of what I have written about on this page is just skimming the surface, however you can see there is allot more to it than just creating content, ranking high, having traffic or conversion rates. It is little bits of a recipe that come together to make a website really successful. There really is no ingredient no matter how small, that does not matter.

If you are interested in having a great cake baked by us (A high traffic and high converting website), get in contact with us today!