Security & Antivirus

15 MILLION new viruses released each month. Are you and or your business protected?

It’s a dangerous place without protection

In May 2017 alone there were over 15 Million new and unique malware viruses detected.

Each month these threats grow bigger and cybercrime has become a part of our daily lives as attacks against businesses often hit the headlines. The likelihood that your business might be hit by this devastation should not be ignored.

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customised security solutions

Tailored Security

Your company data is extremely important and should be effectively protected. Furthermore, a business shouldn’t compromise a trusted relationship with it’s customers. Our security savvy team specialise in keeping your company data safe from threats such as viruses, data loss, software attacks, unauthorised data access and many more.

Our strategy against these online threats begins with an I.T. risk assessment to be able to identify vulnerable points within your current system that should be able to plot the approach towards your tailored security plan.

What we offer for a high quality I.T. systems security plan:

The most up-to-date strategies

We use defense-in-depth strategies emphasizing multiple, overlapping, and mutually supportive defensive systems to guard against single-point failures in any specific technology or protection method.

Monitoring network vulnerabilities

We can track brand abuse via domain alerting and fictitious website reporting.

Real time alerts

Our team have the ability to receive alerts for new vulnerabilities and threats across vendor platforms for proactive remediation.

Protect sensitive data

Our team can implement and enforce a security policy whereby any sensitive data is encrypted. This ensures to prevent data breaches, but can also help mitigate the damage of potential data leaks from within an organization.


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