Adding custom fields to the vendor registration form

We recently had a client request to add form fields to Product Vendors for Woocommerce. There is no documentation for this except a blog by a staff member or associate of Woocommerce.

The blog very roughly covers form field validation with an out of date example. We ended up doing it the old way and going through each file of Product Vendors and tracing each function. Although it’s easy for us to do, we did notice allot of confused and lost people who were trying to accomplish form validation themselves and getting no where..

No.. You are not crazy. The example given for Product Vendors Woocommerce form registration validation does not work! So now that you know the example given is outdated since wordpress and woocommerce changed the way they handle form validation. We thought we would share the solution with you all. We hope it saves some people out there allot of heartache for what should be such a basic task.

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