1300, 1800 & 13 Numbers


From 1300, 1800 or 13 phone numbers to physical computers and hardware, our team of telecommunication specialists have got you covered. From large scale needs down to the smallest request, we can work with you to understand your exact company needs.

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1300, 1800 or 13 numbers

Trust and flexibility for your business

Getting a premium 1300, 1800 or 13 number for your business allows your customers to dial anywhere in Australia and contact you directly. It also gives your business credibility as it represents a large, national and established company. Have the ability and ease of routing all your business numbers to one central line or multiples depending on calling location or needs.

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What about premium phone words?

Boost your brand and be recalled at a glance!

A phone word can be in the form of a 1300 number, 1800 number or 13 number. 1300 & 1800 phone words require 6 letters to spell a word and 13 number only requires 4. Over 30,000 Australian businesses big and small use phone words to drive their marketing as people naturally remember words better than numbers. An example is a company called Express has a number 1300EXPRESS as their phone number.


  • 1300 Phone words cost a local call from landlines.
  • 1800 Phone words are free from a landline.
  • 13 number Phone words cost a fixed low charge from a landline and are the easiest to remember.

What’s right for my business?

The right phone word for your business depends on if you are looking at brand numbers or a generic name. This takes into account how well your brand is currently known, your current advertising budget and how competitive your market is.

Your business branding rests on selecting the right 1300 number, so ask our team if you’re unsure which number is right for you.

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